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 June 4, 2007

Guram Sharadze

 Georgian academic turned opposition politician who was outspoken in his criticism of foreign influence in his country

Guram Sharadze, a Georgian opposition politician, was leader of the “Language, Fatherland, Faith” group and a prominent critic of foreign, particularly Western, influence in Georgia. He frequently denounced George Soros’s civil society work in the country. Guram Sharadze, Georgian opposition politician, was born on October 17, 1940. He died after being shot on May 20, 2007, aged 66.

Sharadze was born in 1940 in Gurianta, Ozurgeli region. In 1963 he graduated from Tbilisi State University with a degree in philology. Following graduation he took up an academic research position at the university, and in 1967 moved to the Institute of Georgian Literature, attached to the Georgian Academy of Sciences.

Georgia opposition claim Guram Sharadze killing ordered by government

 An opposition party leader alleged that the fatal shooting of another opposition figure had ben ordered by the government, but the top government figures rejected the claim.

Guram Sharadze, head of a small nationalist movement, was shot dead in central Tbilisi on Sunday night.

Police say a man arrested shortly after the shooting has confessed, but they declined to give further details out of concern about compromising the investigation.

Sharadze, who led the Faith, Fatherland and Language movement, was a prominent critic of Western influences in Georgia and had especially denounced the civil-society work funded by U.S. philanthropist George Soros.

Under President Mikhail Saakashvili, Georgia has assiduously pursued closer relations with the West, including eventual membership in NATO and the European Union a policy that angers many nationalists.

“This was a political contract murder. I categorically assert that the contractors are the authorities of the country,” said Irina Sarishvili, head of the center-right Imedi party.

Levan Bezhuashvili, a top figure in the parliamentary majority coalition, said “the attempt of the opposition to place all of this in the hands of the government comes from the region of fantasy.”

Neither Saakashvili’s office nor the government issued a statement on the killing.

Human Rights in Georgia

Three Versions of Political Assassination of Guram Sharadze

Journalistic Survey
On July 20 it will be two months after famous politician, academician, writer and public man Guram Sharadze was assassinated. However, his family members were not interrogated yet. His lawyer is ignored and cannot interfere in the investigation process. The family does not cooperate with law enforcers and does not hope the investigation will be impartial. Relatives of Sharadzes are sure that the assassination of Guram Sharadze will be one more case in addition to those which are pretended to be investigated through.
On May 20, by day time, Guram Sharadze was murdered at the intersection of Shanidze and Melikishvili streets. One hour later, patrol police arrested Giorgi Barateli, an accused for the murder near Mrgvali Bagi in Vake District. Initially, Barateli pleaded guilty but later he denied his participation in the crime. He was sentenced to two-month pre-trial detention. Law enforcers declared the case was investigated through. However, the family of the murdered man had serious doubts regarding Barateli from the very beginning.


Numerous Witnesses of Guram Sharadze’s Murder: What Does the “Edited” Video Actually Show?

Nona Suvariani, Tbilisi

Almost one year has already passed since Guram Sharadze, famous Georgian Scientist, was brutally murdered in Tbilisi. The case has been investigated and the responsible person caught and sentenced. However, is the right person spending hard time or has someone been set up to take a fall for a crime he did not commit. The convicted murder is not considered as being guilty by the  family of Guram Sharadze. They consider that  an innocent person is behind bars. Rusudan Sharadze, the  daughter of Guram Sharadze, cannot believe that her father was murdered by Giorgi Barateli. This begs many questions: What has Rusudan Sharadze found out since the death of her father? What do scores and scores of witnesses and video-recorded footage reveal about the murder? The Human Rights Center has interviewed Rusudan Sharadze. Tries to Get Public Information through the Court

Tbilisi City Court will discuss the appeal of the against Penitentiary Department today.
Tbilisi City Court reported to the Interpressnews, that first trial is scheduled at 5:00 pm, and it will be preparatory one. requests the court to order the Penitentiary Department to release requested public information to the news agency. More precisely, the news agency requested information about murderers of Amiran (Buta) Robakidze, Guram Sharadze and Giorgi Gamtsemlidze who serve their terms in prison. The news agency wondered whether they were released from prison early in term.
The Ministry of Penitentiary, Probation and Legal Aid refused to release the requested information and stated that the information was not public.





Assassination of Guram Sharadze Is No More Tabooed

Nino Mikiashvili
Based on recently discovered circumstances, Human Rights Center, family members of Guram Sharadze and their attorney, Gela Nikolaishvili, appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office and requested repeated investigation of the assassination of Guram Sharadze. In a month we will know whether the prosecutor’s office has considered the appeal.
In parallel to it, non-governmental organizations are demanding punishment for the murderer of Guram Sharadze. On February 27 movement “November 7” organized a demonstration where representatives of the political parties and NGOs demanded punishment for the murderers of Guram Sharadze, Girgvliani, Vazagashvili, Robakidze, Gamtsemlidze and Shavadze.


Invisible Witnesses and Blind Temida

Madlen Macharashvili

Georgian Supreme Court passed final verdict on Guram Sharadze’s murder. The court did not satisfy the cassation appeal of the attorneys. It happened on November 14 2008. Maia Oshkhareli, chairperson of the court, judges Davit Sulakvelidze and Iuri Tkeshelashvili estimated that assassination of Guram Sharadze “was not important case for the development and establishment of single judiciary practice”   (we cannot offer the reader explanation of the verdict in popular language). Attorneys of Guram Sharadze’s family are preparing appeal to Strasbourg Court. Before the Supreme Court, district and appeal courts were discussing the murder case.


 Academician Guram Sharadze was murdered at the corner of Melikishvili and Shanidze streets on May 20 2007. He was shot three times and died on the place. The accident happened at about 8:30 pm and there were people in the street who witnessed it. Patrol policemen Levan Bochorishvili and Robert Paniev also witnessed the murder. The assassination of famous scientist was recorded by a video-eye installed on the building of Insurance Company “Aldagi” in Melikishvili Avenue.


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